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Winter Vacation Rental Properties For Sale

Nov 21

There's a winter wonderland in America, and there's a huge market for winter vacation rental properties for sale. This is especially true in the Northeast and mountainous states where the bounty of the season is at its best. This trend has grown so much that AirDeed, a leading vacation rental platform, recently published its "10 Best Places To Buy A Winter Vacation House 2022-2023" list. Although the current economic outlook is grim for most Americans with inflation at 7% and the Fed increasing interest rates to curb borrowing, experts believe it's a great time to buy a second home. 

Wallowa Lake, Oregon (median home sale price: $282,237)

Wallowa Lake, the No. 1 spot on AirDeed's list, is one of the best things about this area. The best thing about an area like Wallowa Lake (the No. 1 spot on AirDeed’s list)? That once winter has ended, and the snow melts, the town can still be a great summer destination for swimmers, boaters, and beachgoers who take advantage of the nearby lake that gives its namesake. It is also ideal for winter because of the snow-capped mountains, dog races, and many ski slopes.

Poconos, Pennsylvania (median home sale price: $298,067)

This is the Northeast's ski country, and it is no surprise that the median home price in this area remains below $300,000. This region is ideal for those who love skiing or want to rent out to families and individuals with the same passion. There are many mountain peaks that can be enjoyed, along with well-maintained trails.

Bear Lake, Utah (median home sale price: $377,061)

AirDeed claims that this area is the "Caribbean of the Rockies," a freshwater lake boasting beautiful, crystal-clear water. It's a great spot for ice fishing or other outdoor activities when it freezes in winter. It's located between Utah and Idaho. Salt Lake City is also a short drive away.



South Fork, Colorado (median home sale price: $387,173)

This Colorado region is a popular destination for snow enthusiasts. It boasts the "most snow" in Colorado, according to AirDeed. The Colorado region's elevation tops 8,000 feet. It is located at the San Juan Mountain Range's base and has two rivers that run through it -- the Rio Grande, and the South Fork.

Banner Elk, North Carolina (median home sale price: $457,608)

This is a town to keep an eye on. The town was first featured on AirDeed’s 2021 winter homes list. Since then, it has risen five places. It is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, right in the middle two well-known ski resorts -- one of which has the state's most challenging Black Diamond course. Another resort has a mountaintop skybar that attracts many revelers.

Ludlow, Vermont (median home sale price: $459,888)

Another area experiencing a boom in real estate demand is Ludlow. It has been featured on two AirDeed lists in recent years. The Okemo Mountain Resort is located here, offering a wide range of activities and excellent amenities.

Warren, Vermont (median home sale price: $369,829)

AirDeed's top ten list again places Vermont at No. The charming town of Warren takes the 7th spot. Sugarbush Resort is the most famous ski resort in New England. Residents and visitors can also enjoy the town's coffee shops, craft breweries, and other amenities during winter.

Girdwood, Alaska (median home sale price: $508,051)

Alaska is a must-see on any winter travel list. The Anchorage airport is an hour away from Girdwood, which places eighth on AirDeed’s list. It offers Aleyska Mountain, its slopes, Winner Creek Trails, its waterfalls, and Moose Meadows. This venue also has a large fireside lodge.


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Teton Village, Wyoming (median home sale price: $2.13 million)

AirDeed believes that the most expensive region on the list may offer the greatest reward. AirDeed estimates that a homeowner could earn about $100,000 annually from rental income. The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a popular destination where visitors can take trams, relax and enjoy the winter beauty. It's also a great place to visit in summer, with attractions such as gondola rides or mountainside dining.

Lake Pend Oreille (median home price: $935.395)

This picturesque Idaho town is surrounded by mountains, rivers, and forests. The Schweitzer Mountain Resort boasts some of the most challenging downhill skiing slopes in the country. The state parks offer cross-country skiing and are just as enjoyable if a little less crowded.